My name is Amie Bronson and I am currently enrolled in the Business Administration Program at Loyalist College. A new course has been introduced that no other college currently has available. The course is called Social Media and Emerging Technology. We are being asked to blog our thoughts and ideas about four social media tools that we discussed in class today. I have chosen to research and discuss Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. Although I am in what some are calling the social media generation until this class I have only had a Facebook account and casually used YouTube. I do not believe that I am in the dark about new technology but there is definitely a lot to learn. Social Media is constantly changing or updating and I think that we all can have a hard time keeping up with it.

Facebook is a social media tool that I have been using since high school. I find that it is a great tool to keep in touch and up to date family and friends. It allows you to choose who you talk to and share pictures with. When Facebook started its’ main focus was on college and university students. Since then it has gone worldwide and continues to grow in numbers daily. Through charging for advertising Facebook has made millions even though a very small percentage of users actually click on the ads.

Twitter is something that I am new to have just signed up this week. I view it much differently. Following people is something I’m uncomfortable with. People really have no control over who can or can’t follow them, they can only block or delete people who are using the site for the wrong reasons (e.g. slander) after the fact. Twitter keeps people up to date with their favourite celebrity which is what attracts most people to it. It is my opinion that the lives of celebrities are none of my business anymore than my life is their business. Which is why I prefer Facebook as it seems to me at this point to be about keeping in touch with people who really matter to you and care about you in return.

LinkedIn is something I have not used before. In talking with people who do have it they have said that it is a little more professional than Facebook and Twitter are. It is a site for students and I have heard a fair number of my teachers say that they have LinkedIn as well. Both students and teachers find LinkedIn to be a good way (besides e-mail) to keep in contact with one another.

YouTube is not like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It is a site used to see the different things people are doing and have a good laugh about it. I think that YouTube is the modern America’s Funniest Home Video’s. With music videos, television clips, homemade video’s and sketches. YouTube is entertainment central and it gives everyday people a chance to express themselves and then get opinions or helpful suggestions from the comments that other members leave. YouTube is not for keeping in touch with people you know, its main purpose in my opinion is for self promotion. For people to show what they can do and grab the attention of others and leave their mark.

Social media is constantly changing and keeping people who are interested in it on their toes, waiting to see what’s next. The people who aren’t so interested are becoming more confused by the second. It is a revolution called social media that these tools Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube have brought us and the possibilities are endless to the ways that we will communicate and share our lives with each other ten, twenty or a hundred years from now. The tool each person uses as their social media outlet really comes down to the response they want out of their posts and the audience they want to share with.

By: Amie Bronson

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