In Social Media and Emerging Technology we are being asked to blog our thoughts and ideas about three social media tools that we discussed in class today. The three tools need to help businesses to work more efficiently and effectively. I have chosen to research and discuss Facebook, YouTube and Skype. The following is my observations of how these three tools can be utilized to help business become more successful.
Facebook is a terrific social media tool that is widely used by a great number of people. It is used to keep in touch with those closest to you when they are far away, to share pictures and videos with friends and to reconnect with those who you have lost touch with over time. What most people do not realize about Facebook are its applications in world of business. Advertisements on Facebook have generated substantial revenues. Small businesses can quickly and easily make a Facebook page for their business and keep people updated on what’s new with them while linking users to the businesses main site. Odds are if you have Facebook at some point you have been asked to ‘LIKE’ a product/service/company. Some companies send coupons for people who like them on Facebook, this results in people buying their products, some of whom are only buying because of the coupons (discount) that they received. When you ‘LIKE’ a certain product/service or company you can give that company very valuable marketing information. You have a direct line to comment on products, ask questions, and do something really crucial to a company’s success by telling them what you want out of their products.

YouTube is a widely used social media tool that allows people to “broadcast” themselves. One of the things that YouTube is used for is self-promotion. Anyone can make and upload a video to advertise themselves or their business. A lot of videos even have advertisements play before them to attract the demographic that is watching that video. Creative users have used YouTube to show their work that they have created which can lead to them finding or creating careers for themselves some of the most famous of these include Whitest Kids You Know and of course Justin Bieber.
Skype is everything that a business would need after all there slogan is “transform the way your business works”. You can talk to anyone in the world and up to twenty-five people at the same time! You can keep everyone updated no matter where they are without the cost of long-distance and international phone calls. Not only can you talk to people around the world but you can see them and work together on ideas or presentations as they can see what you’re doing and vice versa. It even allows you to work from home. Living in Canada in the winter can pose a challenge for getting to work but with Skype you won’t miss a thing. It is a really great tool to have for any business small, medium large or enterprises.
In conclusion social media is the future for the businesses of tomorrow. Any business that puts in the effort of keeping up with these and many other effective social media tools has the power to succeed. These tools can give the little guy the advertising and consumers that he needs to compete with the big corporations.

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