This week in our Social Media and Emerging Technology Course at Loyalist College we are being asked to review the analytics on WordPress for our Blogs and the Google Analytics of Quinte Live a community business illustrate what they state and give ideas for how to improve the impact and range of  my own blog and the Quinte Live Sites

Analytics:The branch of logic involved with the analysis of propositions.


This free tool helps you measure and compare your statistics such as viewers to know if you’re growing and/or making being heard and making a difference.


  •       Very few views
  •       Most views on days where I have posted


  •       Most views on days with new posts.
  •       Average 4.5 views in a week.
  •       3 views are the most I have reached in a day.


PROS of Blog:

  •       Helpful tags to make searching for topics easier.
  •       Lots of Information about and relevant to topics

CONS of Blog:

  •       Too much writing, need to add some pictures. People will become bored or distracted quite easily.
  •       Not personal or relative.
  •       Not drawing enough attention to the Blog by Tweeting:
  • Need to gain followers
  • Engage readers.

For my WordPress Blog I might try to do the following this semester:

  •       Post more frequently
  •       Tweet about Posts
  •       Engage readers by asking questions.
  •        Link Tweets to Posts on WordPress as well as my WordPress homepage.
  •        View other Blogs.
  •       Comment on Blogs that are related or interesting to bring traffic back to my blog.
  •       Make my theme and design of my Blog more eye-catching, interesting, informative, personal and relative.

Using Google Analytics you can measure:

  •       Visits by country
  •       Total visits
  •       Bounce rate (how many people come to read one blog post/page and then leave)
  •       Visits from mobiles
  •      %  New visits
  •       Page views
  •       The content viewed and top content.
  •       Average time on site
  •       Even what browsers are being used to view your blog
  •       How they found you: search engine used (key words), referring sites, direct traffic.

The Google Analytics tool is one of the most comprehensive tools available—and it’s free.


  •       New Visits are up by 0.03%
  • It is good that they are going up however they can be higher.

Visits are higher in the summer due to outdoor summer events and concerts.

  • Visits are lowest in the winter months and highest the long weekend of August.

Sample Only: Not Quinte Live Analytics




  •       Most views on days with new posts
  •       Mainly in use during the summer months when Quinte Live is much more active.


For the Quinte Live Pages they may want to consider doing the following:

For all Quinte Live Pages:

  •       Re-post about topics that attracted higher numbers of viewers.
  •       Re-post about topics that sparked the most interest and conversation.
  •       View similar sites, blogs or pages for ideas and possibly to build relationships that will allow you to help each other advertise in your respective locations. 
  •       Comment on Blogs that are related or interesting to draw people back to Quinte Live.
  •       People statistically visit sites more on Tuesdays and Thursdays so it would be beneficial to create new posts and add images on those days. They will then be more recent and more likely to be viewed.
  •       Percentage of readers: Ensure that your readers are increasing. If numbers are declining or stay the same the key is to post more and to look back and see which topics created the most buzz and perhaps bring them into light again to draw viewers back or gain more.
  •       Create to Share: Provide information that is needed for people to make informed decisions.
  •       Use landing pages: pages that contain all the exactly the information that a reader/ visitor/person is looking for.
  •       Key areas of you site like images to draw people. Ensure that they are tagged to come up in Google image searches to gain viewers.
  •       Effectively use Widgets to link pages.


Blog more frequently and possibly:

  • Have guests’ or even the entertainers’ blog about shows and or events.
  • Blog as a team; make it a conversation or debate to spark interest.


  •       Tweet about Posts and then Tweet the link to the post to make things a simple as possible.
  •       Tweet about upcoming and occurring events frequently.
  •        Link Tweets to Posts on WordPress as well as WordPress account.

In conclusion both tools are effective however, it depends on your needs and your companies needs. If you would like more precise and detailed information then Google Analytics is clearly the way to go. WordPress is more simple and general and just lets you know the number of people that you are reaching and when so that you can look back and compare.

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