WEEK #7 Assignment #1

This week in Social Media and Emerging Technology our class has been asked to research a company/business. That company must use social media and we are all required to write a short case study. I have chosen to research DELL. I am going to look into the tools that they are using and how they are using them, what they are doing well and how they can improve and expand their social media outreach. In order to find this information I used a variety of internet sources.

Click HERE to see DELL’s social media centre.

Did you know that two thirds of the Worlds internet population visits social networking sites?

Dell does!

*They’re using their knowledge to help their customers and potential customers every day by usingSocial Media to Listen, Learn and Engage” (1)

About DELL:

·         DELL has been in business for over 26 years making everything from laptops, to cameras to televisions. The company was founded in Texas in 1984 by Micheal Dell. Today Dell helps communities by being the top healthcare IT service provider in the World and the number two service IT provider to education systems. DELL is the top provider of laptops and desktops in schools around the Globe. Dell is also making a difference in the environment. They have recycled more than 275 million pounds of computer equipment and they have made a commitment to keep approximately 20 million pounds of computer packaging materials out of landfills from 2008 to 2012. Dell was also the first PC to ship computers in packaging materials made from bamboo, a highly renewable and compostable material. Dell is definitely ahead of the curb when it comes to technology and innovation after all that is what they do best.

·         Dell takes part in about 25,000 conversations everyday and says that their customers “have the best ideas and insight.” Their use of social media has benefited their company tremendously.

 ·         Learn more about DELL:

Interesting Fact: DELL ships more than 10,000 systems every day to customers in 180 countries — that’s more than one every second.

What tools the company is using and how:

Dell has a Social Media Policy in place that applies to all employees who use or may use social media on behalf of Dell and insure that they are always professional and courteous:



·         Dell Community

“Join Dell in the conversation, collaborate with others and get valuable information you won’t find anywhere else.”

 ·         Facebook

“Join us on Facebook® and explore our communities’ pages for the latest updates from Dell.”

 ·         LinkedIn

“Get LinkedIn® to Dell and learn about potential career and business opportunities.”

·         Twitter

“Follow Dell on Twitter® for the latest Dell and industry buzz.”

  Other tools: Dell on slideshare, flickr, YouTube, Orkut, RenRen, Xing, Sina.

Above information from Dell Webpage (1):


What they are doing well:

·         They are using a variety of tools to keep connected with users all over the world constantly.

·         They are making connections to all of their sites by having the links on their own webpage so that they are easy to find and to use.

·         They are handling issues quickly and professionally while helping numerous customers at a time oppose to the one on one ratio of customer service calls.

·         Dell started selling computers on dell.com in 1996 — and today we have more than 4 million visits to the site every day, resulting in an order placed online every two seconds.

·         DELL employs 43,000 Services team members in approximately 90 countries, 60 technical support centers and 7 global command centers dedicated to helping customers use technology to reach their business goals.

o   Dell won a ‘Voice of the Customer Award’ for its ability to collect, interpret and react to feedback to improve customer experience.



Figure 1

How they can improve/expand:   Create a QR (Quick Reference Code, see Figure1) that is linked to a website or blog and place it in businesses that sell the product, places where it is in use or wherever makes the most sense.

·         For instance, Dell can place a QR Code on each of their computers to make it easier for their clients to reach their website and customer service.

·         They could also place QR codes at retail stores. By using a different QR code for each computer model they can lead customers to a link that gives them all the information and feedback about each particular model.

·         To make customer service more effective and time efficient they could make it so that scanning the QR code could connect customers directly with customer service who will automatically know from the code where the customer is, the make and model of the product and have a pop up list of potential or reported problems with that product come up so that they can begin trouble shooting right away.   

o   An app on smart or android phones called “scan life” allows you to scan QR codes.


Dell is using a wide variety of tools and has invested a lot of time and money into the social media movement. They have been competitive and set examples in the area of social media for other companies while keeping up with necessary initiatives such as becoming more environmentally friendly. In conclusion Dell is using social media and its current hype better than most companies however, as social media is a constantly changing and evolving branch of the internet it is hard for anyone to keep up with.


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