WEEK#7 Assignment #2

WEEK #7 Assignment # 2:

In our Social Media class we are being asked to prepare a reflection piece on our perceptions of our digital footprint and develop ideas for improvement.

Digital Footprint: The trail left by each individual who uses or has ever used the internet.

My Online Reputation:

  • What comes up when you Google your name?

My Facebook, WordPress and Twitter accounts came up when I Googled my name. I have not used social media very often in the past as I am a casual Facebook user and have only recently signed up for twitter and WordPress accounts. It was interesting when I looked at images of my name there is a girl with my name who is an artist and her art was mainly what came up it was very good so if people think I did it then that’s alright. 

  • Is that the message you want to send to a potential employer?

As of now it shows that I’m not very active in the social media trend. This can be bad because it shows that I am more introverted than most people they will be considering for the position. However, this can also be good as it reflects that there obviously less negative information about me and therefore less of a negative impact on their business if anyone is looking into their employees.   

  • Do you Have Privacy Settings in place?

My privacy settings are in place but require up keep. Facebook is constantly changing and therefore constantly changing its settings and since I am not on Facebook as often as most my settings probably do not get updated when they should but they do get updated eventually which could be problematic with photo’s becoming accessible through Google searches. As of now all you can see is my Facebook profile picture which is not a picture of me because I do not like my picture, taken or viewed.

  • What will make you more attractive to future employers?

Having all of my pages and blogs look professional (e.g. pictures) and be positive. Getting a LinkedIn account will benefit me by having business professionals see me and be interested.

  • How can you update change and enhance your blog?

I can change and enhance my blog by adding more images and my own personal blogs as well as the blogs for class as one may draw people to the other. Asking questions in my blog, after or adding afterthoughts may draw more traffic as it shows more updates and may lead to more views, comments and conversation.

Things to consider when using social media:


-Many people now use slang and short forms in formal reports because they have formed a habit of it through the laid back use of social media.

  • To correct this use proper spelling and grammar in all or most forms of media and writing in order to look professional.
  • Try typing posts or blogs in a word program first to help with most spelling and grammar mistakes.

Professionalism: Things not to do;

  • Bad mouthing
  • Fighting
  • Gossiping
  • Disrespectful of co-workers or peers
  • Prejudice
  • Complaining
  • All of these things are unacceptable. People must be professional online because it can be and most likely will be used against them someday. Once something is online it can never be deleted or taken back.

  • Today job search and social media are like peanut butter and jelly, they’re better when they’re together.  Social media has helped numerous people to get out there, network and get their dream job. However, some people do not think of the consequences of their actions (posts, blogs, tweets etc.) when it comes to the job they already have which has resulted in many people losing their jobs because of what they posted online.
    • In conclusion “choose your words carefully” might ring more true now than ever before.Everyone needs to be aware of the risks and the repercussions of their posts and pictures. After the Vancouver riots it was people posting and tagging pictures that led to arrests. After a woman was disrespectful to her boss on Facebook and another blogged of her co-workers they were let go from their places of work. There is no un-post option once you put something out there it can never be undone. In short when online be professional ALWAYS.

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