Whats new in SMET? Social Media Implementation

This week in my Social Media and Emerging Technologies Course we are being asked to document our teams’ progress in our current assignment. To start let me give an update on what has been happening in our SMET course. The course was created by our very own professors who recognized the need for Business Administration Students to learn how to properly use social media tools as well as how to effectively use the tools to engage specific target audiences and promote businesses. Our business for the past few weeks has been our very own SMET course and Program. As class we broke into teams and developed our own social media plans for the course consisting of our; mission, vision, Goals, key messages, social media tools, monitoring, social media engagement, internal social media policy and external social media guidelines. One plan was chosen to be implemented for the course. The plan chosen was the plan of my team and we have been acting as managers of the past few weeks over the rest of the class in developing a class presentation. My group the “Lead Team” will present the introduction and give background to the course and our assignment as well as introduce the other groups. The rest of the class was broken up into groups for the four social media tools that our originally group chose in our plan. The tools are TWITTER, FACEBOOK, LINKEDIN and WORDPRESS. Each group has created, designed and is updating a page for their respective tools which they will present along with how the tool will be used as well as how it will reach our target audiences effectively. My team will then close the presentation explaining the sustainability of our plan by the creation of 2-4 work study positions. Business faculty will be our audience as we demonstrate how using social media to promote our course will lead larger numbers for the college when it comes to recruiting and the retaining of students.
Over the past few weeks each of my team members have been assigned specific tasks to complete before our presentation day of December 16th. Rhonda has made changes/ corrections to our written report that were suggested by our professors and created a script for our presentation. Kelly worked on the monitoring portion of our report as it related to each tool and updated/ corrected that particular section of the report. Sarah is the group representative communicating with the other groups to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Stephanie has been working on the presentation with me. I have edited and reformatted the presentations of the other groups as well as my own under the advisement of one of my professors. I will be putting the final presentation together once each group has reviewed and completed any changes to their presentations and emailed them back to me. Our group has been meeting and e-mailing our professor to make sure that we are on the right track because he hopes for this plan to be applied in all of the programs under the Business umbrella. The objective is to engage high school students, mature students, parents, all Business students and members of the Business community by showcasing their needs/ interest and desires as they relate to each social media tool we chose.
The SMET course is a differentiator for our program and college. We have created and are in the process of leading our class in carrying out our sustainable and engaging plan for social media. Ultimately promoting the benefits and showcasing the outcomes of the SMET course will increase the recruitment and retention of students for the college. So, that’s what we have been doing in SMET lately, what have you been up to?

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