SMET: WEEK 15! What I have Learned this Semester

My name is Amie Bronson and I am currently enrolled in the Business Administration Program at Loyalist College. As a class we are being asked to look back at our first post discussing what we knew about social media at the time and Social Media and Emerging Technology and we are being asked to blog about what we have learned about social media. I chose to research and discuss Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube at the beginning of this course because we had discussed them in class. I had only actually used two of the four tools before that time. Although I am in what some are calling the social media generation until this class I only had a Facebook account and casually used YouTube. Now I have LinkedIn to professionally promote myself, WordPress to blog my thoughts and ideas and showcase my work. There are endless possibilities for what can be accomplished with social media like networking to get that dream job. I have also learned how to professionally use current social media tools for business. The SMET course has be beneficial in learning the importance of Social Media and its uses in society.

In the first seven weeks of the Social Media and Emerging Technology Course we learned how to use social media professionally and the consequences of using it inappropriately as many people have lost their jobs from the content on their social media pages. We learnt about many social media tools that I wasn’t even aware existed and how each of them a certain purposes that reached certain audiences. For example we learned how LinkedIn can help us to professionally promote ourselves to businesses and network with professionals in our fields. Networking is essential as 85% of jobs are not posted and are attained through networking with people within a company. WordPress can be used to blog my thoughts and ideas and showcase my work.

Social Media is essential for businesses today as it is a FREE way of advertising, interacting with clients/customers and dealing with their issues quickly without leaving them on hold for 3hours. In the second half of the semester I learned how to professionally use social media tools for business by being part of a team that created a social media plan for our course. The plan contained our mission, vision and goals for the courses use of social media. As well as what are key messages where, who are target audiences are and how we will reach them and a social media strategy for the four tool we choose; Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and LinkedIn. We then explained how these tools would be monitored and sustained by the creation of 2-4 work-study positions for when the course is not running with a appointed faculty member overseeing and ensuring all students a using the tools professionally and appropriately. We developed an internal social media plan and external social media guidelines to help to manage content of each tool. Our plan was chosen out of the 8 plans created to be implemented for the course. We had a real world project and experience in our first semester at Loyalist College. How many students can say that?

Social media is constantly changing and keeping people who are interested in it on their toes, waiting to see what’s next.  It is a revolution called social media that tools like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress and YouTube have brought us and the possibilities are endless to the ways that we will communicate and share our lives with each other ten, twenty or a hundred years from now. The tool each person uses as their social media outlet really comes down to the response they want out of their posts and the audience they want to share with. Social Media is constantly changing or updating and I think that we all can have a hard time keeping up with it but anyone who can will defiantly have a necessary skill in today’s  and tomorrow’s business world.

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