Their, There or They’re?



Today we were asked about what grammar mistake bothers us the most. After some consideration of run on sentences and comma use I came to the realization that the incorrect use of their, there and they’re irritates me the more.


First lets discuss their. Their is an adjective generally used to describe something that belongs to a person or a thing that has been previously mentioned. For example:  Julia and Anne left their books.  Their can also be used when describing and action performed by an unknown person. An example of this would be “they forgot their book”.



There is an adjective that takes place of a specific location.  For example”I am going over there.” There can be used in place of a location when the location has been previously mentioned or is being pointed out. An example of this would be “Go over there” he said while pointing at the left field. There can also be used after the completion of a task or when a point as been proven. For Example “There, I’m done!”



Last but not least let’s go over the use of they’re. They’re is simple a contraction of ‘they are’.  Instead of saying “they are going to the park on Sunday” you would say ” they’re going to the park on Sunday. If you cannot read the sentence as they are then you have not used they’re correctly.



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