Belleville Ontario More than it Appears


What do you see when you look around Belleville?

In the early 1900’s artists painted breathtaking landscapes and beautiful architecture in the city of Belleville. They believed that this city was  truly quite unique. So why do residents of today claim to dislike it so much? What has changed? Belleville offers several events and attractions from concerts at the park to art galleries, farmers markets, recreational activities and more. So residents can’t possibly be bored. Could it just be that we don’t care to explore what our own city has to offer. People come form all over the world to go to Central Park in New York but how many of those people have stepped foot in their local park?

Many people tend to believe that Belleville is a stepping stone, a landing spot until they get to where they want to go. But they are missing it. Belleville happens to be consistently changing to support new business and a growing population.  If your considering starting a business then Belleville is right where you want to be. Belleville is home to the last SAM the Record Man store for one reason. People here support local business. The Belleville Downtown Improvement Association is here to help new business, old business, any business be the best that they can be.

Several people sacrifice where they want to live because of where they work.  Here, people are able to work in the city  by day and escape to the county by night. Anyone who wishes to live in the city would be more than satisfied whether they want a new or a century home. Belleville is only a short drive from Cottage Country (Hastings County) to the north and Wine Country (Prince Edward County)  to the south. People within this area can go fishing, swimming, camping, snowmobiling, four-wheeling etc on a whim. Living here is like being at a resort all the time. All of these things are at our disposal and it seems to be the people who don’t take advantage of all Belleville has to offer that complain the most about it.

Belleville is building a city for success with a bright future. Keep in touch with the city of Belleville on Facebook  YouTube & Twitter!

So what do you see when you look around Belleville?






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