The world doesn’t look so great covered in garbage

Yesterday when walking to my car I saw something that I see all too often, garbage, and not just a few pieces I saw piles here and there around the parking lot. People simply open their car door, throw the garbage out and carry on with their day. If they don’t throw it out in the parking lot they toss it out along the side of the road, wherever they just don’t care. The thing that really gets to me is that I see this every day, in parking lots, on the side of the road and all over.  People don’t seem to care who has to pick up this garbage or that it can be harmful to the environment.

I have even noticed this behavior indoors.  I walked through a food court and I was in disbelief at the amount of garbage everywhere, left by thoughtless people. I have noticed more and more that when people leave food courts, or anywhere for that matter, they leave their garbage on the tables for janitors to pick up. To me that is disrespectful and lazy. Janitors are there to clean yes, but they are not there to be everyone’s maid. Would you pick up someone else’s garbage? If not, then why expect others to?

In today’s world I simply don’t understand why people do this. Strangely enough the people who I see do this are part of generation y, my generation; the same generation that is supposed to care about the environment. Every community wants to bring in tourism and create jobs, but if the people in your community leave a trail of garbage behind them, who would want to move there, open a business there or even visit?


Even the smallest human actions initiate environmental change – Matt Schwarzfeld

Top 10 ways man is destroying the environment



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