Childhood Memories

I have wonderful memories from the local raceway. My great grandfather had horses while I was growing up and we often went to watch them race. To this day I can remember the lights shining down on the track and the smell of French fries.


When I drive by now to see it so rarely used is upsetting.  People are becoming more and more antisocial because they don’t have the time to enjoy social gathering and events.

There are currently talks in council to sever off a piece of land for commercial use.This will likely impact the functionality of the raceway and the events that take place there. Complaints are said to be higher than ever about the raceway, mainly the about smell.

Many people don’t have an interest in the raceway anymore and it would be beneficial for the city to bring in revenue. Residents of the area need to decide what they want and what they care about and make their opinions known before it’s too late.


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