Executive Profile

Executive Profile ~ Kathryn Percy

Social Media Communications Manager ~ TELUS Support

I’m a leader who is motivated, unique and organized with excellent communication skills. I am driven to succeed in all adventures that present themselves.


Communications specialist Kathryn Percy studied at the British Columbia Institute of Technology, where she received her bachelor degree in Business Administration. Kathryn also holds diplomas in Marketing Management from BCIT and a General Arts and Science diploma from Langara College. Kathryn has overcome obstacles on the road to finding her dream job. She held 7 jobs between the ages of 22 to 30. As a result, many potential employers didn’t call her for an interview. Kathryn previously worked as a Marketing Manager at Triple O’s Restaurants, a Regional Marketing Manager at Boston Pizza and the Food Service Representative at Kraft Foods Group. She believes that you need to keep searching until you find something you love. Kathryn says “work hard and learn all you can” along the way.

Kathryn has had several role models throughout her life. Her aunt owned a kids clothing business, which grew to 90 stores. Kathryn’s aunt is the reason that she chose to go to BCIT and study marketing. Another role model for Kathryn is her current manager at TELUS support. They went to school together and she is the reason Kathryn is where she is today. “It’s who you know. Network!” says Kathryn. Companies prefer to know that who they are hiring will be knowledgeable and accountable.

Kathryn adores her dog and her husband too, so work life balance is very important to her. The whole team she works with supports work life balance. In this field, being available for the media whenever necessary is required so, staff members who work weekends can take time off throughout the week to compensate. Managers understand that you need to make time for you. Kathryn is highly active and currently a Cross-fit games athlete. She belongs to a number of associations including BC Business, Mobile Marketing Association and Social Media Marketing.


Since 2011, Kathryn Percy has been the Communications Manager for social media at TELUS Support in Vancouver British Columbia. Kathryn has developed a social media voice strategy for all platforms they use and grew followers from 5000 to over 15,000. Kathryn not only developed a strategy to support projects from partners within TELUS, she also created and managed a strategy for added value APP program to offer clients. Kathryn is responsible for engaging internal and external users for ideas and providing a “wrap” for social media monitoring.

Corporate Social Responsibility is an essential part of business today. With a combination of fund-raising and donations TELUS gave 8.8million to local charities in B.C., TELUS’s strong CSR motivates Kathryn. “Knowing we do so much good really makes you proud. It’s inspiring.” she says.

Kathryn has developed a well balanced portfolio throughout her career, her skills include: field marketing, marketing strategy, marketing operations, marketing solutions, creative strategy, marketing, event planning for some of TELUS’s community events and social media management. In her work, she hopes to “continue riding the social media wave and bring it to a new level.” A personal goal for Kathryn is to “learn as much as (she) can.”  Kathryn is a true role model for the communications industry.


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